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Do Nothing Fall Fundraiser

We dream of what might be with your help!

  • ... of increased donations to Opera Theatre of the Rockies for more opera events
  • ... of increased numbers of Career Grants for aspiring singers
  • ... of greater support to Opera Theatre Goes to School to reach even more students
  • ... of widening our reach to Young Voices
  • ... of continuing programs to heighten appreciation of opera.

With your help we can do this. It is so VERY EASY to participate.
Go to our PayPal account and make a donation of any amount with your Visa or MasterCard:

September 2nd Meeting – Beauty and Talent come our way

September Singers
See the "Meetings" Tab for details

May, 2015 — Career Grant Winners

2015 Career Grant Winners

PPOL 2015 Young Voice Competition - Finalist Competitors - March 20

2015 Contestants

Contestants: Jessica Harris, Brenna Kerwin, Katarina Ivancik, Faith Matson, Emily Wilbur, Tabitha Jean Miner